About Us.

Ribbons and Spice Boutique is a family owned and operated small business that was founded in 1987 by Roger and Jenna Lawson.  Jenna has an extensive background and knowledge in fabrics and sewing, with both interests having been sparked during her childhood.  From the beginning, all products were handmade in the United States.  Ribbons and Spice continues to make their clothing and jewelry in the United States and is committed to selling “Made in America” products to their customers.  Ribbons and Spice has traveled over two million miles over the last 30 years showcasing our products across the country in various shows!  Every month you can find Ribbons and Spice Boutique in Canton, Texas displaying their custom clothing and jewelry at First Monday Trade Days.  Ribbons and Spice Boutique wants to better provide for our devoted customers and give you access to our clothing year-round.  We are excited for you to join us as in our new venture as Jeff and Amy Lutes take on the online market for Ribbons and Spice Boutique.  We are blessed by our fabulous customers and look forward to you taking a little piece of Ribbons and Spice into your home. 

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